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    [RULES] Read This Rules Before Posting Videos

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    [RULES] Read This Rules Before Posting Videos

    Post by Steph<3 on Sun Dec 23, 2012 4:49 pm

    Our Rules is really Simple Just like other Forums that you've seen
    That's Why You can Follow & Obey this in a simple way


    1. Please Obey the General Rules
    2. No Untrustworthy Sites
    3. No Error Or Forbidden Sites
    4. If you Posting some Links or other File make sure its Safe | Error & Virus Free
    5. No other sites involving Anti Fans Forums Files Or other things that against SNSD
    6. NO ADVERTISE! You may post outside links but MAY NOT advertise. Such as "visit blahblah", that is not allowed. However, "Credited to blahblah" is allowed.
    6. DO NOT post album or song links! Do not link to official released tracks. Please support the girls by buying their album(s).
    7. Must Be Labeled with One of the Following:

    [MV][PV] - music video or japanese pv
    [CF] - for commercial or commercial film
    [TEASER]- for video teasers
    [FANCAM] - for video's taked by fans
    [CUT] - Cut from specific shows or music videos
    [PREVIEW] - for previews of Video's
    [PERF] - for rips from live show performances
    [INTERVIEW] - for interviews
    [OTHER] - for anything else

    all [TAGS] must be in CAPS


    [TAG] Station/Show Name - Song
    YYMMDD | Members present/singing


    [FANCAM] MBC Radio
    090329 | Tae Yeon

    [PERF] KBS2 Music Bank - 놀러와
    090313 | Tiffany

    Be as complete as possible

    To them who Break the rules will get


    1. Mild Warning Only With PM
    2. Adding Warning Status With PM and Report to the Admin
    3. Suggesting to be Banned

    Simple Right? That's Why Please Be a Responsible S♥NE


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