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    Girls' Translated Park Rules

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    Girls' Translated Park Rules

    Post by Luminous™ on Sat Dec 29, 2012 12:19 am


    01- Do not post news that are from blogs such as Popseoul, If it isn't on Soshi9Sone, it isn't news worthy *winks*, Asianfanatics, Kbites etc.

    02- Please refrain from posting any translated News Articles from the web in this section (whether they are translated by you or a third party).
    You can, however, continue to translate Magazine or Newspaper Articles. The reason for this is because we do not want this section to have overlapping/similar threads to the news section.

    03- The article must be translated, so if the source article is in English it does not belong in this forum. If you cannot provide the source, it does not belong in this forum.

    04- Tags are necessary for the Translated Goodies Area.

    Tags are used as followed:

    [UFO] for UFO messages
    [FAN ACCNT] for fan accounts
    [RADIO] for radio cuts
    [ARTICLE] for articles
    [INTERVIEW] for interviews
    [IPLE] for iple messages
    [TOSSI] for tossi entries
    [COMIC] for translated comics
    [MESSAGE] for message FROM THE GIRLS
    [PICS] for translations of captions on pictures
    [OTHERS] for anything else (ie. messages from other celebs)

    All tags must be in CAPITALS and brackets

    05- Make sure give credit when necessary
    Always provide the source where the information came from.

    06- Do not post irrelevant threads.
    This section is meant for translations and translations only. Do not open threads that have minimal translations or do not pertain to SNSD directly.

    07- General Rules Here must be followed.
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    If you have any questions contact any Soshi9Sone staffs and we'll be more than happy to assist in any way. Don't guess or assume!


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