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    [Official]History of Soshi9Sone


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    [Official]History of Soshi9Sone

    Post by nolfboss on Thu Dec 27, 2012 5:21 am

    Guys,it'll be interesting to let you guys know a lil something of what we went through these years~

    Initially our group is called SNSD -Girls Generation- at facebook as a fanpage 3 years ago.
    I was not the founder of that fanpage,I applied as a admin when the fanpage was around 20,000 likes.
    Upon starting off,I start by handling Seohyun's individual page which is around 15,000 likes (Now 656,000 likes) and slowly progress and starts managing the mainpage.
    We have the Mainpage(SNSD -Girls Generation-) with 9 individual member's page and 4 pages for their variety programs(MBC Hello Baby,Invincible Youth,GIrls Go to School,Horror Movie Factory).
    Back then,there's 3 active admins,
    Hank,Wilsone and me,Nolf.

    We're doing well and when our Mainpage hit the mark of around 300,000 likes,Facebook requires all fanpages to affiliate to their website to justify they own the fanpage and it's not plagiarism.
    To counter that, I built a pseudo website to counter this,draining me around USD8 per month to keep it running for almost 1.5 year.

    After we succesfully affiliated it, another problem arises.
    We're hacked and all the admins loses control of their facebook account.
    Our page is gone and so we contact Facebook moderator to check on it and return us the account.
    After being gone for almost 3 weeks,we're back on.

    A lot has happen after that, we're hacked for at least 3 times until finally SM entertainment started to build a fanpage for SNSD.

    At that time our fanpage is about 500,000 likes. Since SMentertainment owns SNSD,once they created their fanpage,our fanpage are absorbed into theirs.

    AND that explains why during the FIRST DAY their fanpage is up on Facebook,they have around 1 million likes. That is because half of it is from us.

    Discouraged at this fact,all our effort,time,money that we've putted into the fanpage for 2 years,gone just like that.

    Alot of fans that knew what happen cheer us and asked us to continue what we are doing.
    I knew for a matter of fact,if we were to create a new fanpage with any related word of SNSD in it,they will get banned and absorbed in no time.

    So I came up with the name, Soshi9Sone.

    As simple as it sounds,it actually meant alot.

    Soshi 9 member as One.
    Soshi 9 as 1 .
    Soshi 9 S (ONE)

    SOne means fans of girls generation derived from the word "Sowon" which meant wish in korean.

    We started again from 0,luckily we had 9 individual member's fanpage with us,that helps us to boost our new mainpage,Soshi9Sone.

    We created a twitter account to link to our fanpage.
    Everything seems fine again, and since Hank(1 of the 3 active admin,the founder is never active after the founding it) left for non-specific reason, me n Wilsone had runs the pages together.

    We start hiring new admins every now and then.
    But suddenly, I was kicked out of all the 9 member's page and the tv programs pages.
    Turn out that Wilsone kicked me out and he said to me that he want to go seperate ways with me. So I kicked him out of Soshi9Sone, leaving me with only 1 fanpge which is still immature and him 9 members page and 4 tv program pages which had already had more than 200,000 likes each.

    Some loyal admins that stands by my side stood with me,we keep the Soshi9Sone page going.
    Then came one day when I see that all 9 members page posted weird stuff.

    Turn out that ALL THE PAGES under WILSONE were HACKED by a Malaysian.(Chill,I'm a Malaysian too,no offense)

    So I try to keep an eye on the pages,then came one day they announce a new admin for all the 9 individual member's page.

    I tried my best to get her attention and messages her to request to speak to her.
    I asked her to calm down and tell her,what I am about to tell you may seemed crazy but it's the truth. Luckily she believes me and she return all the 9 members pages to me.

    From then on,we rerun all the pages,sadly I didn't get to snatch back the 4 variety program pages.

    Even after we took control of all the 9 pages again,we got hacked twice up until now.

    Last misfortunate event that happened is our twitter account with 30,000 over followers are hacked too and now we're with a new one at around 1,000 followers now.

    From that point on,others are how it is now.

    I hired new admins and the new admins are doing great,creating all sorts of new possibility and proudly to say they are the ones that made this forum.
    I am set as the founder to this forum but truly they are the one that are doing the job.
    Now I'm not as active as I was back then cause I'm a Medical student now and that really sucks alot that I cant update the fanpages as active as I use to back then.

    Lastly,I would like to thank you guys for all the support you've gave us especially those that had followed us from the very beginning.
    May u guys continue to support us as your support is a pay to us,we're doing all these for free as to share the love of Girls Generation and to help spread their fandom.Lastly I'll end with my trademark phrase.

    "Once a SONE,
    Forever a SONE,
    Proud to be ONE"


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    Once a SONE,
    Forever a SONE,
    Proud to be ONE.

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    Re: [Official]History of Soshi9Sone

    Post by gotrice115 on Thu Dec 27, 2012 6:47 am

    thanks for the history lesson, good to know the background and info associated with this site, i am currently subbed to all those pages on FB .


    Hwang Taeyoung

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    Re: [Official]History of Soshi9Sone

    Post by Hwang Taeyoung on Thu Dec 27, 2012 6:59 am

    This is our story... This is our live.. SONE let's work hard together

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    Re: [Official]History of Soshi9Sone

    Post by Luminous™ on Thu Dec 27, 2012 4:25 pm

    Of course, now I know that incident very clearly.
    Still, you should try getting some allowance from SM. XD

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    Global Mod

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    Re: [Official]History of Soshi9Sone

    Post by Steph<3 on Fri Dec 28, 2012 12:18 pm

    nice to know about this one!
    the story is really impressive!

    im happy to be part of this forums =D


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    Re: [Official]History of Soshi9Sone

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